2015-03-19 Aukštaitijos nacionaliniame parke vėl darbuojasi savanoriai iš užsienio

Jau penktus metus Aukštaitijos NP ir Lababanoro RP direkcija dalyvauja Europos savanorių tarnybos projekte, kuriuo siakiama ugdyti jaunų žmonių pilietiškumą, solidarumo jausmą, skatinti kitų kultūrų pažinimą, stiprinti tarpusavio supratimą ir toleranciją. Nuo pavasario iki vėlyvo rudens parke darbuojasi du savanoriai iš užsienio. Šiais metais pas mus atvyko Rute iš Portugalijos ir Gayane iš Armėnijos.

Kiekviena iš jų nori prisistatyti Jums, parko gyventojams ir lankytojams.

My name is Gayane Mkrtchyan. I live in Yerevan, Armenia, with my small family (mother, father, brother and me). My country is also rich with nature, which is one of the reasons why I think I will feel comfortable in Paluse. My academic background will also help me adapt with the new environment. I got my Bachelor's degree at Yerevan State Linguistic University after V. Brusov, studying Russian, English and Polish. Now I am majoring in Tourism Management at National Academy of Sciences of Armenia. I will use my language skills when communicating with foreigners, and my managerial skills will be useful when organizing various events. In Lithuania I would like to be involved in as many available courses as possible as I like studying. I have volunteering experience in France, participating at Solidarites Jeunesses program. I took part in a training on "Human Rights Education and Peace", May, 2014, offered by Solidarites Jeunesses. I will do my best to be maximally useful to you. And I am sure that I am going to enjoy each day of spending in Lithuania.

Labas! My name is Rute. I’m Portuguese and I live in a city near Lisbon. Portugal is a very sunny country with good beaches and great food. Also known for Port wine and for our traditional music (Fado). I’ll be doing an EVS in the park for 8 months. Since I’m a nature lover I’ve came here to experience the immense forests with all its lakes and to learn about Lithuania’s culture.