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Aukštaitija National Park and Labanoras Regional Park Headquarters
Lūšių g. 16
Palūšė, Ignalinos r. LT-30202
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  • Administration and its functions


    Ignalina Landscape Reserve and Ažvinčiai Wood Botanical-Zoological Reserve were established in 1960. Later they became the core of the national park. By the initiative of Prof. Č. Kudaba the first planning scheme of Lithuanian National Park was drawn and approved by the Lithuanian Council Of Ministers on March 29, 1974. This day is an official birthday of the park.

    The name of the national park recalled many discussions. There were plans to establish more national parks and call them according to the region. But stressing the importance of the first park, instead of Aukštaitija NP it was named The National Park of Lithuanian SSR. The original name of Aukštaitija National Park was given only after Lithuania became independent state again and new national parks were declared.


    Aukštaitija NP was established to preserve and restore natural and cultural heritage of Aukštaitija ethnical region, as well as to organise a sustainable use of it’s resources, to spread environmental ideas and raise eco-awareness.

    Administration and its functions

    From January 1st of 2010 authorities of Aukštaitija National Park and Labanoras Regional Park have united. Headquarters are located in Palūšė, Ignalina dst. About 40 employees take care of nature and culture reserves, monuments and other valuable objects. They organise scientific researches, collect data and information about natural and cultural values within the area and provide it to visitors in the Palūšė and Labanoras visitor centres or in publications. Main task for them is to create conditions for visiting the park without making harm to nature as well as environmental education.

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