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Prehistoric settlements

Archaeological findings from utensils, tools and weapons to remains of fireplaces and entire dwellings were discovered in prehistoric sites near the Kretuonėlė River and Lake Kretuonas in the southern part of the park. They are dated app. 3 thousand years before Christ. Other prehistoric settlements were located near Lake Žeimenis, Lake Dringis and Lake Baltys. The restored Stone Age hut in Palūšė is based on thorough examination of all those sites.

Utensils, weapons especially axes from the Bronze Age were found in Kirdeikiai, Šakarva, Daunoriai and near Lake Tauragnas.

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Burial mounds

There are 45 ancient burial sites spread in the Aukštaitija National Park. The custom to erect burial mounds in Eastern Lithuania was present from the beginning of the 4th till 12th century. One burial site can have from several to several hundred burial mounds. They are 5-7 m in diameter, but the largest ones are up to 20 m.

The mound is surrounded by a ditch or circle of stones. Ashes of the dead or unburned bodies are buried with tools, utensils, armour and jewellery. Warriors are buried with their horses.

More about burial mounds in Eastern Lithuania you can learn by visiting the exposed mound in Palūšė.

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Castle mounds

Castle mounds in Eastern Lithuania as central settlements appeared app. 2 thousand years before Christ and were maintained till the end of the 15th century. There are 11 castle mounds in the Aukštaitija National Park.

One of the oldest castle mounds in the park is the one near Linkmenys, often called Pilalė. The best known is Ginučiai castle mound from the 9th-12th centuries. There are suggestions, that it was the Linkmenys Castle, described in the Livonia Chronicles by H.Vartberge. This castle was a part of Eastern Lithuania fortification system. A little bit older Papiliakalnė castle mound stands next to it. Puziniškis castle mound hides in the forest near Puziniškis village. But the most impressive is Taurapilis castle mound based on the southern shore of Lake Tauragnas.

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