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There are 116 settlements scattered in the park. Some 2300 inhabitants live in them. According their density park can be divided into northern part where small villages hide in the woods near lakes or rivers, and central and southern parts where agriculture is more developed, population density is higher and settlements are much bigger. Small villages which have up to 5 inhabitants often called as steadings and are combined of one or several farmsteads divided by small groves or some water. Such villages make one third of all park settlements and are the most typical for its landscape. Pažeimenys, Pelekas, Skroblai, Aukštaglėjus and Gineitiškis represent this kind of villages. Very few settlements left which have 100 to 200 inhabitants: Antalksnė, Palūšė and Reškutėnai. The largest settlement is Kaltanėnai Town with more than 300 inhabitants. The smaller is the village, the older are people who live in it. 71% of all population in 49 villages that have up to 10 inhabitants are retired people. Young people live only in largest settlements. There are very few children – young families have 1-2 kids. The park is known for its long-livers comparing to the rest of country. In 1996 even 32 citizens were more than 90 years old. The secret of their age is the active way of life and, of course, pure environment.

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